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Hypstr is the iOS app that let’s you customize your
digital life to the fullest,letting you download
great designer wallpapers, made exclusivelyso you can personalize
your iPhone,iPad & Facebook cover photo.
Download it now for free!


Have any suggestions, requests or just
something cool to tell us? Please do!

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How do I install the wallpapers?
When you save a wallpaper to use on iPhone, iPad, or Facebook/Twitter cover photo, it’s automaticaly downloaded into your device’s Camera Roll, so you can apply it easily.

To set a wallpaper (for iPod, iPhone and iPad) follow these steps:
Open your Camera Roll and find your wallpaper.
Tap the action button in the bottom left corner (top left corner for iPad) and select, “Use as Wallpaper.”
Tap “Set.”

For Facebook cover photo, follow these steps:
Open your Facebook app, or mobile site through the device’s web browser.
Navigate to your profile.
Click the Camera Icon at the bottom right corner of the current cover photo, and select Upload. Navigate in your
Camera Roll to find the desired wallpaper, and apply it.

For Twitter header, follow these steps:
Open your Twitter app, or mobile site through the device’s web browser.
Tap on the "Me" button, on the far right. Once there, tap on the Settings wheel. There, choose "Edit profile", and tap "Header". When the menu opens up, select "Choose existing photo" and navigate to the wallpaper and apply it.


When I open the app, all I can see are the navigation bars without the wallpapers, is this normal?
Our app works grabbing images from an external server that ensures you get the maximum speed and reliability. Sometimes it can take a little time to load, however you need to have an internte connection, for the app to work properly. Be sure to have a 3G/4G or WiFi enabled.
That should solve the issue in no time!

Will my wallpaper change automatically?
We offer both iPhone/iPod and iPad designer-wallpapers. iPhone/iPod wallpapers currently don’t support automatic rotation. However, iPad wallpapers do, and it’s done automatically! Just apply it, and that’s it!
Be sure that we will update the wallpapers as soon as the technology is allowed on iPhones, and let you know!

How much does the app cost?
It's free to download, Hypstr gives you unlimited access to an updated selection of designer wallpapers collection of 200+ free wallpapers.

Why can’t I apply the wallpaper from within the app? Why do my wallpapers save to the Camera Roll instead of the Wallpapers folder?
We know it would be easier to apply your wallpapers from directly within Hypstr, and be saved in the wallpaper folder, but unfortunately these functions aren’t currently possible. If Apple makes changes to allow for either option, we’ll definitely let you know!

Would you consider an Android version of the app?
Sure, we’d love to launch also for Android platform if there’s enough success with iOs. Please be sure to let us know if you’d like an Android version, through the contact form.

I have a good idea for a Wallpaper Collection, how do I suggest it?
Awesome, we love new ideas! If there’s a Wallpaper Collection you’d like to suggest, simply send us a note at


The Team


Interactive Designer


    A serial entrepreneur, always eager to be part of the next big thing, Gonzalo is the Interactive Designer behind HYPSTR. He has created a unique style that can be seen throughout the app, from the logo to the UI, and each and every wallpaper available.

Hernan zaldivar



Coder superstar. Hernan is the developer that brought the HYPSTR idea to life. Writing endless lines of code, he made a bunch of images and files in a living & breathing kick-ass iOS app! Pretty cool, isn't it?